About Rodi

If you asked me a while ago about where I see myself right now, maybe the answer was different. It's a long way behind. From a successful manager to a well-known florist and wedding planner. I know in writing everything seems so simple. But I wanted something of my own. I wanted to learn to work with beauty, to know how to package emotions and tie them with a bow that I can then pass on.

The first contact with the flowers came more like a healing. After a period of ups and downs, I can say that I have found myself. But it's not enough to love my job, you have to love the way you work. Step by step I became what I am today. Yes, beautiful is great, we all love beautiful. But let's be honest, wedding planning is a sport and a getaway between contacts. And always to do this right, we have to be a team. I always say to clients,, Your job is to dream,, and ,, My job is to meet you and create an unforgettable wedding for you... in short, I become the guardian of your memories.



You want your family and friends to leave and say it was the best night ever. Well, in order to turn a moment into a memory, so that your guests say it is one of the greatest nights of their lives, there must be good communication with the client at the base. I think this makes me different from the rest, I like to listen to them and fulfill them down to the smallest ideas of the great dream they have. And I think I love that. At the end of the day, I know that I managed to make people happy and fulfilled a much deeper purpose than an event. I managed to unite two people for life.

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