About Andrada

How to start? To be honest and tell you that it was worth all the way to get here? I always liked to experiment, I always loved to try everything new. I decided to try almost all professions that would put my creativity to the test. And I started young. From a creative course at the age of 8 and up to a real florist, it's not a smooth road. But I found a connection between all of them. I found the texture of each job in the flower petals and I started to combine, more and more. I was experimenting, playing with the flowers, combining them in different ways so that I could create a delicacy that I could pass on. I know and I feel that my purpose is to create. I've been doing this for as long as I know myself.

After all, I grew up around flowers my whole life. My grandmother had a beautiful garden where I spent a lot of time when I was little, and my mother always had fresh flowers in the house. This environment really sparked my love for flowers and formed the basis of how I view floral design today. And if I were to think about it, I could say that the peony is my favorite flower...but it's hard for me to choose and I'd be slightly naive.

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My creativity in this process is drawn from within me. I am an amalgam of feelings and this is exactly what stimulates my desire to create. In short, I find no limit in creating and this is a kind of assumed play.

I think my style has become more and more free over time, and the use of color and texture in the arrangements is what wins people's admiration. In the end, I think that feelings and art have always been the basis of my creation. After all, that's what it's about, about giving the brightest emotions.

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