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Share and spread the beauty in the world setting the style with his own style. This is Alexandru Barau. A great inspirer, team builder, guardian of excellence and brilliance. Who not only had a clients ear, but their trust and their heart. Always passionate about design and innovation, in a constant pursuit of memorable experiences that feel natural.

Barau is an enthusiast of bravery, curiosity and ambition. He believes creativity is the business driver, harassed good ideas into great ideas and finding inspiration everywhere, all for the singular purpose of sharing  the essence and style of flowers in the world through the production of gorgeous spaced filled with extraordinary blooms.

At his core, there is a pure love of flowers. Each setting is a captivating experience, where all the senses are harmoniously involved: fragrances, colors, shapes, light and sounds….are the elements of an originals alphabet, of which Barau knows the secret and is an undisputed and acknowledged exponent.

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